As a result the area and its people does not want old women, they axe them to death as they are most of the time suspected to bewitch their young ones. Old women with red eyes are always suspected to be witches. A man with red eyes is a drunkard. Men are always spared, women are hacked to death. The red eyes among the old is a result of using cow dung instead of wood for fuel because of massive deforestation, therefore firewood is not easily available.

6.Mission in Neighboring Countries

The mission of the ELCT is not bound by boundaries but crosses beyond them. Thus the church participates in mission outreach programs to the neighboring countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda, Malawi and Congo. The church is exploring possibilities to bring the Gospel to Burundi and Sudan. In these mission fields there is a need to send missionaries, train indigenous people in theological and secular education, have exchange programs for parish experiences and support them with funds.

Mission outreach program to the neighboring countries need funds to facilitate it. The ELCT is able to cover local coasts for preparation of the missionaries. The local costs include transport expenses, charges to obtain their passports and visas, orientation and seminars, etc. The expenses for missionaries while in the mission fields are always requested from our partners. I will mention a few partner including LMC, ELCA, NMZ, MWB, COS, LWF, etc. We are very grateful for the generous support offered to our church to enable the church foster in mission.

7.Detailed Description:

7.1.The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Uganda

This mission field was established in 1991. It started as a fellowship group with few converts. According to the statistics of 1997, the Church had a membership of 2,364 Lutherans. Currently it operates in Mbarara Region and Kampala city.