Through its educational institutions, ELCT aims at keeping together learning and faith in God.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania has played a very big part in education by establishing Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Education institutions spread all over the country. Currently, the ELCT has 3 fully fledged Universities and 6 constituent university colleges. We have 68 registered secondary schools, and among these 68, one is a common work secondary school for deaf students. We have 17 English medium primary schools, 9 special schools for children with disabilities, 21 Vocational Training Centers, and 4 Teachers Training Colleges; among these, one is a common work. All these education institutions follow the Government education structure/system.


Church-based education facilities often have missions that are inextricably interconnected with service and community engagement. With these missions, schools, colleges, and universities are distinctively positioned to address social issues, engage in service to the local and global community, and involve students, faculty and administrators in this shared purpose. These institutions are uniquely accountable and have the greatest potential in this outcome precisely because of their faith commitment that both informs and motivates their policy and practice. We as well are the part of all these to happen


1. To enhance the main Church work/activity of Mission and Evangelism 2. To compliment the Mission and Evangelism work 3. To improve the quality of life of people in the society 4. To strengthen the capability of the community


1. Provides support in the coordination and supervision of the provision of general education to institutions/organs owned by the ELCT. 2. Liaises with Government or Education Authorities on issues of the requirements in respect with the national education standards. 3. Provides support and guidance on compliance of education standards- teacher/pupil ratios, laboratory requirements, utilities, facilities etc.


Through its educational institutions, ELCT aims at keeping together learning and faith in God.

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Workshop for Secondary Schools Educators in Promotion of Quality Education for ELCT Schools which was conducted in Dodoma, November 2019