This department has seven units which are; – treasury unit, human resources unit, environment unit, service office unit – Da es Salaam, driver management unit and IT unit.

The Department is led by the Deputy Secretary General Finance and Administration assisted by the Senior Accountant and the Human Resources Officer. The Department supervises all Common Work Accountants either directly or through the leaders of the Common work centers. At the level of the Central Office with four departments, each department has an Accountant who is directly involved with the accounting activities of the department and its projects.

Seven units under the department of Finance and administaration
Vitengo saba vilivyo chini ya Idara ya Fedha na Utawala

The unit is managed by the Senior Accountant of the Church. The unit is responsible for the receipt and distribution of church funds according to the estimated expenditure . The unit also works to keep records of accounts of the Church Headquarters and prepare its information that is sent to the highest meetings of the Church.

The unit is also managed by the Finance Committee which takes half of the number of dioceses of the Church which does its work in accordance with the constitution of the Church. The members of the Finance Committee for the four-year period 2019 to 2023 are as shown below:

1) CPA Yona Killagane (Chairman) – East and Coast
2) Happy Kiyungai Ayo  -Morogoro
3) Elisante Maturo (Writer)- Meru
4) CPA Loata Mungaya (Secretary)- KKKT Headquarters
5) Mrs. Josepha Kayombo -Ruvuma
6) Lawyer Rodrick Rwenyagila -South East of Lake Victoria-Shinyanga
7) Mr. Daniel Maghang Mbulu
8) Elizabeth Mazalla- Lake Tanganyika
9) Mr. Lukombocho Vegulla- South East
10) Eng. Theopister Mark Lwakatare Kaskazni -West
11) CPA Adria Temba -East of Lake Victoria
12) Mrs. Edina Ntuah Middle
13) Ms. Tulahombi Meckson Sanga – Central  West
14) Mrs. Anitha Msangi Rwehumbiza -Mwanga
15) Ms. Amilen Saria- Mara

The council meets twice a year.

This unit manages all employee issues including employment and employee entitlements. The unit is headed by a human resources officer. The unit is also managed by the Staff Council which works in accordance with the ELCT Constitution.
This council for four years 2019 to 2023 has the following members:

1. Rev. (Advocate) Daniel Swai (Chairman)- North
2. Human Resources Officer (Secretary)- KKKT Headquarters
3. Mrs. Anyisite J. Nyambo -South West
4. Mr. Mwishibanda Lukas Shibanda- Morogoro
5. Mr. Laban Tumaini- Mgonja Pare
6. Bibi Happiness Gefi- South East of Lake Victoria
7. Mr. Imani Mwasabyela- Lake Tanganyika
8. Amon Mkocha -South East
9. Godwin Ndericho Pallangyo -Meru

This council meets once a year.

The environment unit deals with the keeping of the environment of the Central Office building as it belongs to the Headquarters as well as other parts of the Central Office outside the Church Headquarters building.


The main sources of church income are:-
 Two Percent Offerings, ELCT Day, Mission and Evangelism Offering, Youth Offering, various donations to the Women’s Department.
 House and Guest House Rent (Investment)
 Maandiko Unit
 Grant from Lutheran Mission Cooperation
 Contribution of operating costs from various Projects
 Various projects funded by various donors.



The recent achievements of the department are as follows:

 Financial reports of the Church  maintained and reviewed annually and on time
 Church Accounts received clean audits opinion every year.
 Succeeded in managing project accounts and providing information to Donors on time.
 It has been successful in ensuring that financial information for the mid of the year is given to the leadership of the Church and presented at high level meetings such as the Finance Council and the Executive Council
 The department has also been able to manage the rights of employees and minimized complaints of not being given rights.
 For the past five years, the Department has been able to retire employees without receiving complaints about their rights.